Where can I buy Angus products?

Here, right here. You’re already here. Why go anywhere else?


Do you really make all your bags?

Yup, we do, except for the accessory modules, those little guys are made offshore. We just got so busy making your bag, that we

don’t have time for those little guys. But aren’t you glad you are supporting a company that makes its bags right here in Canada,

supporting the North American market? If you are ever in town, stop by, we would love to show you.


Why do you keep mentioning Paramedic bags?

The company started making bags for Paramedics and Emergency Services, all the way back in the early ‘90’s. That’s a long time

ago, like 30-plus years. Some of those early bags are still floating around somewhere. With that type of experience, it’s only

natural that we would evolve into making different types of bags. Since we make the best emergency bags in the world, it only

makes sense we should make the best soft-sided luggage in the world.


What material do you use to make “The Best Bags in the World”?

No, we don’t use canvas. So many people confuse canvas with Cordura. What is Cordura you ask? Cordura is a type of nylon

invented by DuPont (that really big company that invents lots of cool stuff), and then sold that line to Invista. We use a super

tough 1000D (D stands for Denier, which is a unit of measurement that is used to determine the fibre thickness. Fabrics with a

high denier count tend to be thick, sturdy and durable. Thanks Google), on the exterior and a lighter version, usually around

420D for our liners, but not always. We sometimes use a 65/35 poly/cotton blend for our liners. It adds a nice touch.


The zippers on the main pockets are #10 reversed coil YKK zippers. That’s why the zipper heads, (the thing you pull to open and

close the zipper coil), are so freakin’ big. Why do we use these zippers? Because YKK told us they were the best zippers to use

on the best bags in the world. You’ll also notice the zipper teeth are on the inside. That makes the zippers last longer. And

longer is better. Here’s a little tech spec for you: our zippers have 90kg Chain Crosswise Strength. That’s a lot BTW. See, we

listened to the people at YKK because they know best.


Have you noticed we use seat belt webbing (Nylon Webbing) on most of our bags? That’s the same as the seat belt in your car,

the type that holds you in place if you ever get into an accident, (fingers crossed that never happens). That seat belt webbing

has 4,200 to 5,500 pounds of tensile strength.


Some of the other guys only use polypropylene webbing on their bags, but it only has 600 to 1,000 pounds of tensile strength.

Would you want that webbing to hold you secure in the event of a car crash? No way. So why would you trust your new bag to

have polypro webbing instead of seat belt webbing? (Again, thanks Google for those neat specs)


We have a really cool removable bottom panel on a lot of our bags. That bottom is a made of a medical-grade Blood Borne

Pathogen-resistant material, so that if you happen to place your bag in ick while on vacation, you simply wipe it clean. Other

bags don’t come with a removable fluid-resistant bottom. It might soak through to your unmentionables inside. Do you really

want to put your vacation clothing in a bag without one of our special bottoms?


Where do you ship?

Where do you live? Chances are we ship there.


How many colours do you have?

Lots. We are changing colours all the time, adding, and deleting. If you don’t see a colour you want for your bag, ask. We may have

it lying around.


How can I pay for the Best Bags in the World?

We love cash, but we accept PayPal, Visa, Mastercard and Amex. Seriously, if you can, stop by with cash.


How do I clean my bag?

See the section on “How do I clean my bag”.


Why are the bags called Angus?

It’s actually a very funny story.