How to Clean your bag!


We thought about doing a video on how to give your Angus bag a bath, but it seemed a little ridiculous. DO NOT use a washing

machine or dryer.


Before washing your bag, remove any loose debris or icky stuff. Hey, you’re travelling, icky happens.


DO NOT USE BLEACH PRODUCTS ON THE BAG. You will damage the material.


If you happened to be worried about Covid-19 or any other type of virus or bacteria, our bags are tough and can take using a

spray or wipe hospital-grade disinfectant. Spray the entire surface of the bag and let it dry. DO NOT wipe off the solution. If you

use a wipe, make sure the wipe is moist and let the solution air dry.


If you want to give the world’s best bag a bath, we recommend two ways, dry clean and hand wash.


We have a step-by-step instruction list on how to give your bag a bath:


•     Remove the contents, (seems obvious doesn’t it)

•     Remove the shoulder strap and wash separately

•     Remove the false bottom, only if it comes with one and wash separately

•     Make a choice: Dry Clean or Hand Wash


Dry Clean


•     Go to the Cleaners and tell them you want the best bag in the world cleaned

•     Don’t forget your ticket

•     Pick it up when it’s ready

•     Done!


Hand Wash


•     Fill a tote or the tub with warm water. Do not get in the tub with the bag.

•     Add liquid laundry soap like Tide. 

•     Use a soft brush to scrub out the icky stuff stains

•     Let it hang to dry



You are done. Re-assemble when dry.

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