Angus Luggage Warranty


The Angus Lifetime Warranty only covers the bags we make in Canada.


The warranty covers the bags, NOT the purchaser, so if you buy one of our bags as a gift or leave it in your will for your son, daughter, wife and/or girlfriend, husband and/or boyfriend, the warranty transfers to them. Pretty cool, huh? A good thing to know that our bags will have a legacy and be around for a long time. We make them to last as long as possible. No need to keep proof of purchase.


So, what does our warranty cover? Well, it’s pretty basic; if the material or workmanship fails for the bag's life when used for its intended purpose, we will repair it for free. If it can’t be repaired, we will replace it only ONCE (and it’s our decision whether to replace it, not yours).


Quite simply, if your bag has a problem, using it for its intended purpose, NOT WHILE using our backpack to pull your ATV out of the swamp, we will make it right. But that does sound pretty cool. If you do use our bag to pull out an ATV, we want to see it. It won’t be covered by the warranty, but we still want to see it.


We only replace your bag ONCE. If we do replace it, we will send you the same or a similar bag in a similar colour.


Things we don’t cover:


The warranty doesn’t cover repairs made by anyone else; all repairs must come back to us. In fact, if you have your bag repaired by anyone else than other than Angus, you could void your warranty.


We don’t cover material or hardware colour fading; it only adds to the character of your bag, making it uniquely yours. The same goes for stains. Those plastic zipper pulls on the end of the zippers, shoulder straps and false bottoms aren’t covered, either.


Damage done because of abuse (unless you are using it to save your life, the life of someone else or an animal’s life, and you have proof of said save). If you do use our bag to save a life, and it’s damaged, we will repair or replace it. That goes without saying. Think of any other type of abuse; yep, we won’t cover that.


We don’t cover the loss or theft of the bag or your contents. Sorry, sometimes theft happens.


CLAIMS: (No fancy forms to fill out, no proof of purchase required, no hassles)


Remember, repairs MUST come back to Angus. Why? Because if we have a design flaw like that that would ever happen, we need to know about it so we can make the next-gen bags better.


If your bag needs to come home for some TLC, write a little story of what happened and where the problem is. i.e. zipper, handle, etc.


Please wash the bag before sending it back. If the bag isn’t cleaned before we get it back, we will wash it and charge you $30.00. Not sure how to wash your bag? Check our section on CLEANING.


When you send your bag back, get a tracking number. You have to pay freight both ways. We can’t be held responsible for the loss of your bag in transit.


Do not send back the false bottom if your bag has one or the shoulder strap.


After checking the story and seeing if the problem is as you claim, believe me when we say we’ve heard and seen it all, and we know the difference between normal wear and tear and abuse, we will repair or replace your bag. If we determine your bag isn’t covered, we will let you know the cost before repairs are made.


After the repairs are made, someone will contact you to find out how you want your baby returned and how you want to pay for the freight.


The warranty is valid in Canada and the United States only.



Returns for Repair


If the time ever comes when you have to return a bag to Angus for repair, please follow a few steps to ensure its safe return to

its place of origin.


• Wash the bag (check out How to Clean Your Bag).

• After the bag is dry, place it in a clear or green garbage bag. Why? We can’t be too sure what happens during transit

and if the box gets wet, and we would hate to have to charge you to rewash it.

• Then, place it in a good, strong box with a story of what happened and where the problem is. Include your name,

email address, return address and contact number on the sheet.

• Tape it closed, don’t be chintzy with the tape. You don’t want anything to happen to it while in transit.

• Affix or write the address below on the top of the box.

• Don’t forget to write your return address on the outside of the box.

• Get insurance and tracking on the parcel



Un-Used Angus Bags for Returns for Exchange or Refund


You have 60 days from the date of purchase of your amazing Angus bag to decide if you want to keep it. So don’t use your unbelievably well-made Angus bag on your trip to Africa or Australia or to Grandma’s house for the weekend and then decide, “I want something bigger, or I just want something different.” Once loved, it can’t be returned or exchanged.

We recommend pretending you are going on a trip and fill your new Angus bag with all your travel goodies. Does everything fit? Is it the right colour, and does it match your personality? Ask yourself, “Is this the right bag for all my travel needs?”

You have 60 days to decide if you want to return it or exchange it. If, for some odd, unbelievable reason, you still want to return the best bag in the world, follow the instructions below:


Return for (Repair or Exchange or Refund) state which one

ANGUS (baby brother of Sands)

300 Central Avenue West

Brockville, Ontario

K6V 5V2



If you are sending it back via Post (Canada Post or USPS), write or print the address:


Return for (Repair or Exchange or Refund) state which one

Angus (baby brother of Sands)

P.O. Box 1750

Brockville, Ontario

K6V 6K8