Best Uses of Canadian Outdoor Waterproof Bag

Arriving somewhere only to discover your stuff is completely wet is one of life's greatest frustrations. You don't want to spend your time outside drying your travel bags alongside your travel essentials, do you? Apparently, right now you might be overthinking about the details of your ideal bag—whether it should be water resistant or a full blast waterproof outdoor backpack.

A Great Companion gear for Outdoor Activities

Do you know how important it is to have such great reliable companion gear that can stand up to elements such as water? Especially when it comes to keeping your belongings safe and dry, you can trust any backpack with a good waterproof feature. Because you never know, you might go for a beach trip, hiking or trekking and once in a while you will encounter moisture everywhere because of the raindrops in the rainy season in Canada.

Making the most out of it....

Hence, how do you want your waterproof bag to serve you? There's a lot of selections out there to try, different types and styles in the market, whether they are exceptionally durable, or have strong resilience in water—you just have to choose which is the right backpack for you so you can utilize all the list here upon making the most of your Canadian Outdoor Waterproof Bag.

Ways to use an outdoor Waterproof Bag

Waterproof bags can have so many purposes and practical options for anyone spending time outdoors. With so many uses, Angus Bags have great promotional items for you to select as well because they have Canadian outdoor waterproof backpacks for travelers, plus you don't need a lot of money because it is very ideal for outdoor adventures!

Kayaking Adventure

Kayaking is an excellent sport for dry bag users since they can keep their dry items, such as jackets, sunscreen, and food, dry while crossing rapids. Additionally, it will float in the water in case of a capsize, making it possible for you to quickly and easily recover it.

Camping Adventure

Due to their capacity to protect your belongings from damp or soiled ground, waterproof bags are ideal for camping. In order to avoid having to worry about your cameras, phones, or tablets becoming wet during a storm, they're also a perfect spot to store them. Dry bags are a favorite among campers because they allow people to rapidly access their electronics without worrying about rummaging through their belongings beforehand.

Sea Adventures

Boaters should use waterproof dry bags to store their first aid supplies, flares, dry clothing, and other items they don't want to get wet. Being out on the sea in unexpectedly severe conditions, waterproof travel bags for boats come in very handy. You won't have to worry about your valuable dry clothes becoming wet because boats typically have wet decks if you have a waterproof dry bag.

Also, a waterproof backpack is an ideal dry bag for you and your wallet, whether you're packing for a month-long sea vacation or an afternoon of paddle boarding. What a great way to save your outdoor adventures isn't it?

A Great Option for Longer Trips

A Canadian waterproof backpack is a watertight, easy to use, and has different attachment options, essentially packed with full useful features because of its specialized bottoms. It is perfect for days when the waves are high, or the raft is reaching you to carry all your essential electronics gadget to capture the moment. Their outdoor waterproof bags come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors to fit any need.

Therefore, picking the ideal bag is crucial. Finding the correct bag, however, might be more difficult than we might believe. For example, some bags claim to be waterproof, while others claim to be water resistant. However, you might not know what either phrase actually means, let alone what you need.

What is the difference between water resistant and waterproof bags?

Their Purposes

Waterproof bags are entirely immune to water, while water resistant bags offer some level of moisture protection. Another distinction between water resistant and waterproof bags.

The differences between waterproof and waterproof are clear. Waterproof means no leaking water into bags. Water resistance means the bag can withstand rain but water can pass through.


Waterproof bags are made with materials that do not allow any water molecules to pass through, while water resistant materials are only able to resist a certain amount of moisture before it begins to seep through. Waterproof bags are often made with PVC or other synthetic materials, while water resistant bags can be made from natural fibers like cotton.

Which type of outdoor waterproof bag is right for you?

When choosing an outdoor waterproof bag, it's important to consider what you'll be using it for. Waterproof is better for outdoor activities and water resistance is better for everyday use.

Angus Bags Specialized Outdoor Waterproof Bags

Many of our bags feature a really nice detachable bottom panel. If you chance to drop your luggage in sick while on vacation, you can easily wash it clean because the bottom is composed of a medical-grade Blood Borne Pathogen-resistant material.

Other bags don't have a detachable bottom that is water and any fluid-resistant. Do you really want to put your vacation clothing in a bag without one of our special bottoms?

Suitable Backpack Systems

Having a backup system for any dry bag is a great idea, particularly when using less durable bags and when carrying important items like electronics or sleeping gear.

We would use a two-bag system for things like electronics and sleeping bags if we were using this in scenarios where the bag is likely to be submerged for more than a flash. With a detachable backpack system, you can adapt this bag to your needs, be that hiking gear in wet environments, or lashing to your kayak or raft. It is also exceptionally durable, and easy to use when you need it. Be prepared for even the wettest adventures with this versatile and most unique waterproof backpack we could ever offer.

Two main types of Outdoor Waterproof Bags

Dedicated waterproof

It carries everyday bags with the added feature of being water-resistant. Waterproof carriers are usually made from materials like PVC or nylon, and they're designed to keep your belongings dry in even the most extreme conditions.

Everyday bags

Everyday Bags, on the other hand, are typically made from materials like canvas or leather, and they're treated with a water-resistant coating to repel moisture.

Dedicated and Everyday Bags Comparison

Dedicated waterproof carriers are great for outdoor activities like camping, fishing, and kayaking, where you need to be sure that your belongings will stay dry. Everyday bags with water-resistant features are ideal for more casual use, like a day at the beach or walking around town in the rain.

Other Features

The dry bag can do more than just keep your belongings damp while you dry them. We go down each parameter in the section that follows and talk about which bag works best in certain scenarios. A drybag is less secure than a watertight box.


As with everything else, costs influence how much you want to spend. All of us need something different for their needs, and certain products have better performances for lower prices and therefore are very valuable goods.

Quality of construction

After the rips and tears have blocked your pipes, it's unlikely that your clothes will still be damp. These products have a durability that will allow them to withstand any journey you choose to make.


The main objective of this product is to keep your garments clean. Therefore, the waterproofness has a big impact. Many goods are made to avoid obstructing water flow. While some are splash-proof, it is not advised to submerge them for extended periods of time.

Easy use

You must find the right vessel to access the items that you need. We hoped that our study would help us determine how easy and quick it is to pack the dry bags and find the contents of the bags when they are being stored.

Where to Buy Canadian Outdoor Waterproof Backpacks?

Now that you've been convinced of the importance of owning a waterproof outdoor bag, it's time to buy one for yourself! When you're ready to invest in a top-quality outdoor waterproof bag, be sure to shop at Angus Bags. We offer a wide variety of outdoor dry bags and other outdoor gear to help you make the most of your outdoor adventures!

Read more on choosing the right outdoor backpack blog, if you are looking for more versatile Canadian Hiking Backpacks.

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