Outdoor Backpack 101: Why Choose Backpacks and The Best Backpack Brands in 2022

Updated: Jul 15

When you travel outdoors, you must secure two essentials: a good dose of perseverance and a heavy-duty outdoor backpack (because everything you need will be housed in your bag of choice). According to the Outdoor Safety tips from the US Forest Service, you need to have at least 15 outdoor must-haves; one of which is having a durable, reliable backpack that can amp up your safety tenfolds!

If you’re still on the fence about getting a backpack or really need one for your outdoor trips, you have come to the right place. Going for the right backpack for the outdoors can be a journey - this blog will help you understand why you should get it, what brands to trust, and where to get the best outdoor backpacks.

Why Choose Outdoor Backpacks

Are you wondering whether or not you can just switch to regular backpacks for your outdoor trips? Here is a list of why when it comes to outdoor adventures, having a backpack designed for the extremes and actions in the wild is the best way to go.

They’re Waterproof

Outdoor bags like hiking backpacks and backpacking backpacks come with a material that’s waterproof. These bags are designed to stand the rain, humidity, moisture, and snow - they are the better choice for protecting your essentials inside.

If your itinerary includes falls, rivers, and lakes, having a waterproof outdoor backpack can give you the confidence to proceed to your next adventure.

They Offer Multiple Pockets, Slots, and Zipped Compartments for Better Organization

Time and safety are interrelated in the outdoors. When security and convenience are on the line, spotting what you need fast is a significant advantage. A major benefit of outdoor backpacks is its slots, zipped pockets, and compartments that allow you to organize your camping, hiking, and trekking must-haves properly.

Unlike backpacks with a single hole and several small pockets, backpacking bags help you keep organized so you can find your stuff faster.

They’re Tough and Made to Last Impact

Most bags for trekking, hiking, camping, and outdoor excursions are made with durable, high-quality materials like nylon, polyester, and rip-stop nylon to prevent tearing. The last thing you’d want is to have a bag that’s bursting open. The unique fabrics used for outdoor bags are meant to stand the wear-and-tear, from the impact of the outdoors.

They are Ergonomic

Most outdoor backpacks come with exceptional designs that enable you to carry a heavy load without putting too much pressure on your back - something that a regular backpack can’t do. Padded straps also prevent extreme discomfort on the back and shoulders, so you can still go the distance even if you have a ton in your bag.

They Feature a Larger Capacity

Most backpacks for hiking, trekking, camping, and outdoor adventures can handle 12-25 liters of items. This larger capacity allows you to bring a complete first aid kit, extra pair of clothes, more safety tools, and even add on some items for comfort. The more outdoor must-haves you pack, the more confident you can be in the wild.

How Do You Choose the Best Outdoor Travel Backpacks?

If you’re hunting for an outdoor backpack, you should ensure that the one you choose fits your overall needs. No matter how good an outdoor bag is, if it is incompatible with your activity levels, you might find yourself replacing it with something else.

To make sure the bag of your choice is a match for you, here are some points to consider.

Your Activities

Is your trip filled with action and frequent movement? Do you need to be agile as much as possible? There are backpacks for men and women that can cater to outdoor junkies looking for bags that won’t weigh them down and prevent them from moving swiftly during the entire trip.

If your outdoor itinerary requires you to carry crucial items without slowing you down, you can go for a lightweight backpack with reduced padding and height.

Trip Duration

You can also check the length of your trip. Are you going on a day trip? Are you leaving for a 3-day excursion?

The longer the trip, the more you need to pack in your bag. You can swap your mini outdoor bag with a bigger, longer one for trips that take days.

Availability of Service Providers in the Area

It also pays also to check the remoteness of the places you visit. If you’re going to a protected site, there’s a high chance you would have to buy and carry the items with you beforehand. However, if stores are within the area, you can consider downsizing.

Your Comfort Levels

Are you trained to carry up to 30 lbs of items for miles? You can also consider your comfort levels and look for a travel bag that will do the job without running you down.

What are the Trending Backpacks in 2022?

Year after year, bag innovations take the market by storm - and for good reason. What used to be bulky bags have transformed into sleek-yet-reliable backpacks.

If you’re buying a bag this year, here are some trending backpack styles that can cater to different users!

Large-capacity Everyday Backpack

The elevated classic - this large-capacity backpack features both the capacity and style. Most everyday backpacks in this style can house up to 28 liters of items. Despite its enormous size, this bag is compact and stylish, great for both the daily hustle and the weekend adventures.

Duffel Bag Convertible to Backpack

A multipurpose travel bag, the convertible duffel bag can be used on regular vacations and long-haul trips. What made this such a popular outdoor travel bag is its versatility - you can use it as a regular duffel bag, or you can opt for the hands-free route by wearing it as a backpack.

Crossover Bag

Great for one-day adventures, the crossover backpack is perfect for those who love to travel light, but travel complete.

Mini Duffle Bag

The ideal carry-on bag if you’re traveling by air. It’s a flexible bag with a compartment allowance for your toiletries, clothes, kits, and small equipment.

Compact Backpack

Absolutely lightweight but with a lot of space, compact backpacks provide a solid feel that prevents content inside the bag from toppling over and creating a mess. If you want a bag with a compact, solid feel, this is the best choice.

Where to Buy Outdoor Backpacks in Canada

Canada is endowed with the best adventure spots suited for adrenaline junkies who love to experience the outdoors. If you’re looking for the best outdoor bags for your trips around Canada, the best place to go is Angus Bags! With backpacks ranging from leather sling bags, duffle bags for men and women, outdoor gear backpack, crossbody bags, and sling bags, you can find the best bag that matches your needs.

For all things backpacks, check out the high-quality offers of Angus Bags.

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